5 Best Ways to Generate Your Own Electricity

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In the case that the power shuts off, you can either learn to live without electricity or generate your own. It’s fairly easy to create and store your own electricity without the power grid. These are the best ways to generate your own electricity off-grid. With these five options, you’ll be prepared for an emergency situation.


Solar panels

Solar Power

The sun gives off a huge amount of energy and, if you live in a sunny area, you can harness this power and store it for a rainy day. By using a panel that contains solar cells placed in sunlight, the photon energy from the sun can be converted into DC voltages and used directly or stored. Solar panels are often used to charge batteries which can then be used to provide power to a home. If you live in a sunny area, consider installing a few panels on your roof or in an area that receives direct sunlight. Use the sun to store energy which can then be used as needed.


wind generator

Wind Electricity

This method won’t be an option in every area of the country, but if you live in a moderate to high wind area, you can consider this option. Contact a local weather service to determine the average wind speed in your area. You can then install a turbine on your land. Keep in mind that the size will change how much electricity you can create. A 400-watt turbine will power a few appliances while a 900-watt will power will power a small house. Although even windy areas will have low-wind days, this option can be used to generate electricity that can be used or stored for future use. Additionally, larger turbines will need to be repaired due to moving parts and will need to be installed on towers generally seven feet or more from the ground.


Micro hydro Electricity

This method is probably the least known but it’s a fairly simple concept. This type of electricity is generated due to running water. The energy that water produces from moving from a high level to a lower level will turn a turbine, much like wind energy, and generate electricity. This method can actually be the most cost-effective option. Also, if you have a good system, it will run 24/7, providing constant energy for a long time. Since it produces more consistent energy than the other systems, you’ll need fewer batteries to store energy. However, the downside to this option is that it requires you have a stream on your land.


Steam Power

This type of generation system is one of the older systems and may not be the best option, but it’s a good backup to know about as needed. This system uses fuel such as wood or coal burning to heat liquid that will then produce steam that’s passed through a turbine attached to a generator to produce electricity. Many power plants today work according to this principle. In order for you to use this method effectively, you’ll need to have a steam power generation system set up and a steady supply of fuel handy. It’s effective but not always your best first option.


Exercise Power

Many people exercise at their local gym or at home expending a huge amount of energy in a given week. In some cases, people have used that energy and converted it into electrical power. Some gym equipment has been equipped with DC generators which will convert the power to AC and then stored in a battery or generator. This type of energy creation will not usually produce enough power for a home and also uses up a lot of energy from the person using the equipment. It may be a good idea for powering a back-up generator but this is likely not the best first option when it comes to alternate power options.


These are the five best options currently available to generate electricity off the grid. Although each system has its own possibilities and limitations, there are many ways to be self-sufficient or to get by in an emergency situation. Use these options to get an idea of what you should do in order to be prepared. You can potentially save a great deal of money by choosing alternate sources as well.

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