The Best All-Around Homemade Faraday Cage


The prepper and survivalist mentality includes the keen ability to think about unforeseen circumstances. People who understand this also understand that we live in a complex and ever-changing world where dangers are abundant. These dangers are also constantly evolving and things that were unthinkable only a decade or two ago are today’s real threats. At the same time, the modern lifestyle is also steering individuals and families into certain patterns of behavior that could, in dire circumstance, make them more vulnerable.

In this regard, the electric power and electronic devices are probably the best examples. There is no denying that having power in a home is a great thing. In the same sense, having access to digital devices like smartphones or computers also has many advantages. For many people, their lives would be unimaginable without access to these devices. However, in particular circumstances, all of these, including the power grid, could be gone in a blink of an eye. Scenarios like these mainly include the occurrence of EMP or an electromagnetic pulse, either made by man or nature.

This scenario is both plausible and very serious; because of that, there has to be a way of protecting against this possibility. Luckily, there is a simple but effective way to do the same and it comes in the form of the Faraday principle. Here is a detailed explanation of how to make a homemade Faraday Cage that could protect any electronic device from the worst-case possibility.


The EMP Threat

Electromagnetic pulse is a process in which electromagnetic radiation is spread over a wide area. EMP results from nuclear detonations, but also other sources, some of which are still not fully understood. These could come from non-nuclear devices just as easily as from the natural sources. For example, solar flares that regularly occur on the sun include bursts of electromagnetic radiation. The problem begins when a big enough EMP impacts electronic and electrical devices. Because of it, appliances that are turned off and even the wiring in the walls could become electrified and rapidly heat up. In a split second, this heating-up process could burn down the elements in electric circuits, melt wires and do much more damage. In other words, after an EMP, electronics of all types, even the most robust machines, would be rendered useless.


A Faraday Cage

However strong an EMP is, it is important to recognize that it still uses the same principle of electricity like any other phenomenon. This means that isolated things will not be impacted by it. Here is the spot where a prepper can make sure that any electronic device is safe against an EMP. This is achieved by making a Faraday Cage, which is an object that has its interior completely electrically isolated from its exterior. With this object, the EMP, just like the electrical current, would move across its surface, but not be able to penetrate inside.


How to Make a Homemade Faraday Cage

Making a storage that uses the Faraday cage principle is exceedingly easy and will not take more than a day shopping for supplies and then crafting it. The best and all-around option is made from a regular tin trash can. Aside from it, the person building the cage should get a roll of regular and affordable carpet that can be easily cut and some strong glue. Once all of this has been acquired, the carpet should be cut so that it covers the full interior of the trash can. The same goes for the lid. In this regard, the carpet piece should be placed so that it touches the carpet in the rest of the trash can when the lid is closed. Once the elements are measured, they should be glued to the interior of the can and left to dry off. With this, the same prepper will attain a fully functional Faraday cage. With it, the electromagnetic pulse would travel across its surface, but the carpet would stop it from getting inside. Also, the dimensions of the cage are ideal for storing a small gas-powered generator or even a solar panel, along with any important electronic device. There is plenty of room for all of this, being that a regular trash can hold over 30 gallons.

With some carpet and a trash can, anyone can make sure that they and their family can come out from a big electromagnetic pulse scenario with all of their devices working perfectly.


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